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The Dutch in the Medway, 1667

30 Jun 2017 - 1 Jul 2017

The University of Kent at Medway and The Historic Dockyard Chatham

An international conference at Chatham Dockyard commemorating the 350th anniversary of the Dutch attack of June 1667. 

The attack brought a speedy conclusion to the Second Anglo-Dutch War which marked the height of the naval struggle between England and the Netherlands from 1652-1674.  Commercial and imperial rivalries lay at the heart of this struggle in the North Sea, the Atlantic and Asia, but the interplay of political, ideological and institutional differences was equally important.  At a time when Britain’s relationship with Europe is undergoing seismic and perhaps unpredictable change, the resolution of conflict and the resumption of new forms of cultural and economic co-operation between two historic allies surely deserve our renewed attention.

The conference will take place in the historic Royal Dockyard Church, recently transformed into a lecture theatre through partnership between the University of Kent and the Chatham Historic Dockyard Trust, the two bodies hosting the conference. Accommodation will be available in nearby university halls of residence at Liberty Quays.

The programme will address the naval, strategic, political, ideological, economic and legal aspects of the Anglo-Dutch wars at local, national and global levels.  There will also be discussion of historical commemorations and public history, and the contribution of naval archaeology, material culture studies and the visual arts. The speakers are: Dr Pepijn Brandon (IISH and University of Amsterdam, VU); Dr Elizabeth Edwards (University of Kent); Richard Holdsworth (Chatham Historic Dockyard); Dr Martine van Ittersum (University of Dundee); Professor David Ormrod (University of Kent); Dr William Pettigrew (University of Kent); Dr Gijs Rommelse (University of Utrecht); Dr Paul Seaward (History of Parliament Trust); Jeroen van der Vliet (Rijksmuseum); Dr Chris Ware (University of Greenwich); Dr Nuala Zahedieh (University of Edinburgh).

Registration details and further information about the conference can be found on its dedicated webpage:

This webpage also includes details about a parallel conference being held in Amsterdam on 23-24 June 2017.  Organised by the Vrienden van de Witt (NL) and the Naval Dockyards Society (UK), the Amsterdam event will be held at the Marine Etablissement (naval barracks) in Amsterdam, and conference proceedings will be held in English. The Medway conference will be preceded by public and civic commemorative events, opening with a river festival from 8-10 June.

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