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Summer at The Dockyard

28 Jul 2018 - 2 Sep 2018

Join us for our BIGGEST summer ever! 

From Pirates, to Doc.Yard’s Big Bang to walking through history in LEGO® Bricks at our latest temporary exhibition: Brick History.
All included in your entry ticket!

What's going on...

Pirates! - 28th July - 2nd September 

The Pirates are back and are taking over the Gannet – join them on an adventure and see where you may end up. From a pirates and puppet show, to our very own beach! – yes that’s right. The pirates are taking over Museum square with a giant beach!

Pirate craft activities

Take shelter in the courtyard where a variety of craft activities will be taking place!  – Make your own’ movable Pirate, create a Thaumatrope and pick up a Pirate scene colouring-in page. Listen to the story of our pirate characters with our ‘Pirates & Puppets’ show! More details coming soon

HMS Gannet

HMS Gannet will become our very own pirate ship! Try your hand at knot tying, and swing in the hammocks! Will you be able to find the hidden pirate characters?! And see the treasure chests filled with plunder from the seven seas! ARHHHH!

Hideout at Scallywags beach

New for this summer is our beach! This year it is bigger than ever and will be located on museum square – which is just as you enter onto our site. Have fun in the sand with our team and relax in our deckchairs! More details and photos are coming soon 

Doc.Yard's Big Bang! -28th July - 2nd September 

Doc & Bunsen are back conducting experiments and once again and they need your help – are you brave enough to face the big BANG!!

This year’s Doc.Yard’s Big Bang programme consists of 30 minutes of activities and a 30 minute show. Customers can do either or both activities. The show must be booked upon arrival at our Plan Your Visit station. Please see times of show below to help you plan your day.



  • 11.00
  • 13.00
  • 15.00


  • 12.00
  • 14.00

The hour time slot is split in half:

  • 30 minutes – Activities
  • 30 minutes – Doc.Yard & Bunsen show

Please remember to book your time spot upon arrival at the Plan Your Visit area

It's show time!

Get ready to listen to Doc.Yard and Bunsen as they present to you a variety of experiments! This years experiments include:

  • Helium balloons
  • Rocket balloons
  • Hot air balloons hover chair
  • Mentos and Coke fountain
  • Dry ice
  • Exploding bottle (Big Bang)
  • Smoke cannon.

Warning! Please note, the ‘Big Bang’ is extremely loud! You will be warned prior to the experiment and we suggest covering your ears to be safe!


The activity session is included in your time slot booked at Plan Your Visit and lasts for 30 minutes. 

This years activities include:

  • Air powered cars
  • Make a gas bag
  • Paint bags
  • Paper poppers
  • RNLI inflatable
  • Kapla blocks.

Brick History: Walk through history in LEGO® Bricks

This summers temporary exhibition!

Join us this summer with our hands on interactive exhibition on all things ‘Brick History’!

Journey through pivotal moments in world history, modelled in LEGO® bricks by Warren Elsmore and his team of artists. Forget dry lists of kings or endless battles – this is history brought to life featuring key figures from Mozart to Martin Luther King, scientific discoveries from the Big Bang to DNA, and recent history from mobile phones to the moon landings.

The exhibition is displayed with different themes and an interactive zone, where you can take part in our social media competition!

Explore the site!

With 80 acres to cover… 3 historic warships, 2 guided tours,temporary exhibition – Brick History: Walk through history in LEGO® Bricks, interactive exhibitions, and play areas! There’s plenty to discover on your family day out!

We have 2 tours available for visitors to discover. Both of these are included in your entry ticket. To book onto a tour, please make your way down the ramp to the Plan Your Visit area. A member of our team will then book you onto the tour for the day. We have a variety of times throughout the day, but please book as soon as you arrive to avoid any disappointment!


The Ropery


Victorian Ropery Tour 

Take the Victorian Ropery Tour and ‘learn the ropes’ with a foreman from 1875. Discover why the enormous double Ropewalk is nearly ¼ mile long


Live Demonstrations 12.30pm

Rope has been made here for 400 years and we still make it today – for lots of customers! This means you can witness the mysterious craft of ropemaking for yourself during our live demonstrations by the Master Ropemakers!


Rope Walk Talk 

Our Master Ropemakers have a much needed break at the weekend but that doesn’t mean you still can’t see what goes on. Get the behind the scenes feel and discover the machinery used.

HMS Ocelot


This tour is for those that want to have a feel of what life was like on-board! Swing through the hatches and discover the last Royal Navy warship built at Chatham!


This is for those that want a little more detail on how all 69 men lived on-board for up to 10 hours at a time underwater! HMS Ocelot was made for the perfect surveillance vessel and were selected to undertake missions in the deep waters of the world’s oceans – some of which remain top secret!

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