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HM Submarine Ocelot Digital tour: Stop 1


Welcome to the HMS OCELOT digital tour.  For the best experience, please remain at the stops when accessing the information provided and watch your step as you proceed around the dock.

HMS OCELOT was the last warship built for the Royal Navy here at Chatham.

HMS OCELOT was the 54th submarine built at Chatham.  Construction began on the 17th November 1960, and she was launched into the River Medway on 5th May 1962.

An O-Class submarine is a diesel-electric submarine. She has two large diesel engines on board, but these engines do not power the submarine. Instead, they are connected to two large electric motors which create electricity.

HMS OCELOT has travelled around the world. In 1964 she joined the Third Submarine Squadron based in Scotland. During her first three years she travelled over 90,000miles operating around the UK, the Mediterranean Sea and the Baltic.

These OCLEOT 50 information panels give more details about HMS OCELOT’s construction here at the Dockyard.

Walk past the OCELOT 50 panels with HMS OCELOT to your left and find our next stop by OCELOT’s name board.