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Commemoration Past event

Armistice Day Service

11 Nov 2023

HMS Cavalier Monument at The Historic Dockyard Chatham

We will be hosting our annual Armistice Day Commemoration Service on Saturday 11th November 2023. 

The service will be led by The Right Rev. Bishop Stephen Venner DL, former Bishop to the Armed Forces.  Those wishing to attend are invited to gather at the National Destroyer Memorial (beside HMS CAVALIER) at 10:45am.  The service will commence at 10:55am and will conclude at 11:20am. 

As part of the service, those in attendance will be invited to lay their own tributes at the memorial if they wish. 

The service will be attended by members of the HMS CAVALIER Association.

Joining the service is free for anyone but if you wish to visit any of our galleries or attractions, you will need a valid ticket before entering.