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Community Outreach Past event

Brompton Lightspaces (part of Electric Medway Festival)

29 Oct 2023

As part of the Electric Medway Festival this year, marvel at our Monsters of the Deep inspired lanterns, including Salamis the Sea Serpent, during an evening of digital art and light.

This event will take place around Melville Court and Second Chance Community Centre in Brompton.

The parade will start at 5pm from outside the Dockyard Main Gate and will be led by Mrs Baker’s Theatre Company’s community group The Wave, alongside our amazing sea creature lanterns, made in collaboration with Intra Arts. You are welcome to follow the parade on a journey around Melville Court and back to the community centre. Experience lights, live music and projections.

There will be a series of activities plus food and drink available in the community centre throughout the evening. Join us for your chance to make your very own underwater projector. Use your phone/torch to reveal your creation.

The event is due to finish at 7pm.