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Family Activity Past event

Doc.Yard’s Deep Dive: An exploration of Underwater Worlds

24 Jul - 02 Sep 2023

Included in ticket
Women in blue wig stands next to a man in orange wig who is pointing at a TV screen.

Doc Yard and his assistant Bunsen are back for this year’s Dockyard summer science show.

Join Doc and Bunsen as they prepare to plunge into their underwater adventures. Learn about the oceans’ underwater zones. Discover the difference between a Diving Bell and a Bathysphere. Marvel at ‘The Bloop’, the loudest sound ever heard in the Ocean. Find out how Thermohaline Circulation creates our ocean currents and helps to feed the mysterious creatures living in the depths.

Duration?This experience takes 60 minutes to complete. (30 minutes of activities & 30 minute show)
Booking?Book on arrival at ‘Plan Your Visit’ with our team
Location?No.1 Smithery
Cost?Included in your admission ticket to the Dockyard
Age range?We recommend for aged from 6-12yrs but everyone is welcome


Please book on arrival with a member of our team at Plan your Visit.


  • Weekdays: 3 shows at 11.00, 13.00 and 15.00
  • Weekends: 2 shows at 12.00 and 14.00


Cartesian Diver

Try this experiment to see how deep-sea water pressure affects bubbles of air. Can you make the diver stop in the middle of the bottle?

Wax Resistant Watercolours

Have you ever heard that wax and water don’t mix? Using wax and watercolour paint, create your own Monster of the Deep.

Hydrophobic Sand

It looks like magic—it is just science! Did you know that you can make sand waterproof where it repels water? You’ll be amazed as you get hands on with ‘magic’ sand!

Shadow Monsters

Can you make a shadow monster using just your hands and a torch? Did you know that your hands block light? They are opaque—light cannot pass through. That makes them perfect for making hand shadow puppets. Grab a torch and have a go!