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Community Exhibition Past event

Guardians of the Estuary

01 Apr - 02 Jul 2023

Included in ticket

Developed by Medway Swale Estuary Partnership, this exhibition has been developed to highlight the amazing wildlife found with the Medway Estuary and The Swale and the plight they face from litter.

Discover the sheer scope of litter found along the foreshore and the length of time litter takes to break down. All the litter on display has been collected over the last few months from The Estuary.

Learn some ways to make positive changes and reduce your plastic consumption and play some fun guessing games as you explore the exhibition.

The exhibition has been a huge community project from the volunteers who have knitted/crocheted the creatures to the volunteers collecting litter on the clean ups. It wouldn’t be able to go ahead without them.

Where: Pipe Bending Floor, No.1 Smithery