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Family Activity Past event

Here be dragons – October Half Term

21 Oct - 29 Oct 2023

Included in ticket

Beware the untamed creatures

When weighing off to sea

For some may bring you triumph

And some calamity…

Join us this October half term and uncover the legend in some entertaining, interactive storytelling with Captain Axel.

You’ll need your wits about you as you help find the Captain’s missing ship but first you must master some seafaring skills. Could you be a navigator? A Cooper or Carpenter? A Doctor? Or a Cook? Maybe you’re a Master Gunner or the crucial Quartermaster?

Once armed with your special skills, play your part in helping Captain Axel navigate a safe course through unexplored territories, circumventing the fabled monsters of the deep. Avoid the scary sea witch, the creepy crew of the Flying Dutchman and the soft sound of the siren song before escaping the Kraken lurking beneath the waves.

Are you brave enough for life at sea?

Cost?Included in your Dockyard entry ticket
Booking?Book at ‘Plan your Visit’ on arrival at the Dockyard
Times?11am – 4pm (last session at 3.30pm). Each storytelling session lasts for approximately 20 minutes
Ages?The activity is most suitable for ages 4 – 11 years

Get crafty

Beyond the excitement of Captain Axel’s perilous adventure, creative minds can get crafty in The Courtyard with a range of fun, hands on activities to make and take home.

Singing Sirens

“The siren waits thee, singing song for song”… To Robert Browning by Walter Savage Landor

In this activity, create your own beautiful but deadly siren. Will its singing voice be heavenly enough to lure sailors to the sea?

Creepy Creatures

Deep in the sea on the ocean floor lies an enormous shipwreck. All kinds of mysterious creatures have been spotted lurking nearby, and its up to you to draw them!

Dinky Dutchman

Can you create your own mini version of the most feared ship on all the high seas? Make your own rocking Flying Dutchman ship in this activity.

Mother Carey Mask

“Her face ugly as a shrivelled snail, her hat was tall, crooked and black, and she rode upon an old weathered broomstick” … In this activity, make your own mask for Halloween based on the legend of Mother Carey, the spooky sea witch.

Cost?Included in your Dockyard entry ticket
Booking?Book at ‘Plan your visit’ on arrival at the Dockyard
Times?11am – 4.30pm
Ages?The activity is most suitable for ages 4 – 11 years

Meet the real MOnsters of the Deep

Take a deep breath and plunge down to the dark murky depths of the ocean this Halloween and discover the monsters that lurk beneath.

Could there be anything more scary than coming face to face with a Giant Sea Spider the size of your face or within inches of a carnivorous Giant Deep-Sea Isopod?

Get up close and personal with these spectacular specimens from the most unexplored parts of the planet in our Monsters of the Deep exhibition in No.1 Smithery.