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Community Exhibition Past event

Magical Maritime Mysteries

01 Apr - 19 Nov 2023

Included in ticket

An exhibition of artworks by members of the Medway community in response to Monsters of the Deep exhibition.

Artists from the Kent Association for the Blind Art Groups, Peer Arts and Deaf Peer Arts have created this magical, maritime installation of colourful artworks. The exhibition includes Nessy, a Kraken dragging a galleon to the murky depths, the legendary Leviathan, Dave the Diver, a multitude of Mermaids, a monstrous Lion’s Mane Jellyfish, Nemo, Zaph and so much more.

MESS ROOM CIC is an inclusive arts studio based at Sun Pier House, Chatham, for people to express themselves creatively, using a combination of inclusive activities and communication methods, including British Sign Language (BSL) and tactile materials.

Thank you to all the artists and KAB volunteers for making this happen.

You’ll discover the underwater world in The Forge, No.1 Smithery