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Welcome Intrepid Explorers! Look no further for great things to do at The Historic Dockyard Chatham, and meet your guide – Captain’s Cat – who will show you the ropes…


I’m the Captain’s Cat. If you visit the Dockyard, you’ll see me out and about – I live in Commissioner’s House.

I know all the fun things to do and exciting places to go, and I like to get up to a little mischief every now and then, but don’t tell the Captain! He thinks that all I do is sit by the fire, licking my paws and sleeping. But there’s waaay too much to see and do, so I sneak out. There’s always a friendly Ropemaker or busy Shipwright to say hello to…


If you visit the Dockyard, why not try completing Mission Explore? You can pick up a copy when you arrive – it has loads of missions for you to tick off as you go, some fun facts and a special map to use. There’s also a special code to try and crack, so that you can get onto the top secret Mission Explore webpage on this website. Scroll down for the link to this.

It’s been great to meet you, and I hope to see you at the Dockyard soon!

When the Royal Navy moved out of the Dockyard they left behind a mad scientist, Doc Yard. He has made his own Secret lab in the heart of the No.1 Smithery building and every spring, the Doc sets off on a scientific expedition, leaving his trusty sidekicks to look after The Lab. In summer, the Doc returns to show off his latest creations. But things don’t always go to plan …

396 steps

That’s how many steps it would take to walk the length of the Ropery (phew!)…of course, that depends on how long your legs are!

400 window panes

Did you know… 3 Slip has over 400 window panes in its amazing roof. That’s a lot of window cleaning!

35000 bath tubs

…the amount of water needed to fill either HMS Cavalier or HM Submarine Ocelot’s docks.

The USA President’s desk

…was made from timbers from HMS Resolute at Chatham Dockyard. It was a gift from Queen Victoria to President Rutherford Hayes in 1880. It is still used today.


…was the name of HM Submarine Ocelot’s mascot. Snoopy was an Ocelot (a type of cat).

Mind the carrots!

The play area opposite Commissioner’s House used to be the Commissioner’s vegetable patch.

Mission Explore - Have you cracked the code?