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HMS Cavalier

The National Destroyer Memorial


Year it was commissioned

28 years

of active service

750000 miles

Sailed during her career

16000 yards

of sausages consumed by her crew since 1944

32 knots

Top speed

200 men

make up the complement

The 'Fastest of the Greyhounds'

Built in 1944, HMS Cavalier served in the Arctic, Western Approaches and British Pacific Fleet before finally paying off at Chatham in 1972. Today she is preserved as The National Destroyer Memorial commemorating the 11,000 lives and 142 Royal Navy Destroyers lost during the Second World War.

One of 96 war emergency destroyers HMS Cavalier currently resides in No.2 Dry Dock on the site of the Old Single Dock, where the Royal Navy’s most famous Chatham built ship HMS Victory was constructed. A fitting location for a vessel once known as ‘the fastest ship in the fleet’.

Visit the new 360 Virtual Reality Experience of HMS Cavalier

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