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‘Tis the season’… to get engaged!

26 December 2019

Did you know that Christmas is the busiest time to get engaged? With Christmas Eve being the most popular day!

Here at The Dockyard, we have met many brides to be! Some of which know what they want – armed with folders and organisers! Some are a little lost on what they feel is special to them and some have all the little touches! Whatever bride to be you are, we have come up with our top tips on what to do after you get engaged….



  • You’ll be showing your hand off like there’s no tomorrow, and you’ll want pretty nails too – make that manicure appointment
  • It’s a non-fun job but you’ll feel better for it – make sure you get your ring insured.
  • Enjoy being engaged, have a mini break, a party, celebrate – have a breather before the planning begins
  • Not sure what you want, make a Pinterest board, grab some magazines; you will soon see what type of style you would like – get inspiration!
  • The sooner you speak the B word, the sooner you can get organised – Budget
  • Make that wedding checklist – there’s plenty to choose from online:

One fab  Plan your perfect wedding

  • Before you know it, you have a major list of all the people you want to invite, sit down with a cup of tea to go over the list together – only bring in a relatives point of view when you have both confirmed the list!
  • Research! Research is key on ensuring you do not regret things after the big day – take your time, look at reviews – it’s in your court!
  • Take notes – have a handy notepad in your bag to jot down any thoughts! It will come in handy when the small things mean the most!
  • Picking the date – think about your honeymoon destination as it may change when you want to get married! Check with any major calendar events first for any clashes and book away!

You can view our wedding venues here

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