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Make or Break: Rope Making Design & Technology Challenge

This guided exploration of the Victorian rope-laying highlights the science and technology of the rope making process that has developed over the last 400 years. Which team will produce the most imaginative and commercial design? Each pupil will be given an individual rope sample to take away with them.

Gun Deck Challenge: Chemical Cannon Firing

Straight off the gun deck of an 18th century warship, the students use their knowledge of chemistry and laboratory practice to create the perfect propellant, then launch a ball bearing from their chemical cannon to outgun the other gun crews.

Rocket Squad: Physics under Pressure

Students compete to develop their own accurate missiles using Newton’s Laws and principles of aerodynamics to destroy a target. This lively activity is inspired by the Sea Cat missiles on board HMS Cavalier. Nothing beats the satisfying sound of a direct hit!

Full Speed Ahead: Ship Building Challenge

Stimulated by the National Maritime Museum model collection, teams of students compete to construct and test prototype hull shapes and propulsion systems against their peers. Facing the challenge of the tow tank wind and wave machine, students realise what a difference the knowledge of naval architecture makes to the performance of a ship.

Pastoral visits

For those groups looking for a less curriculum-focused day out, The Historic Dockyard offers the perfect place for a group of any size as we can easily accommodate even whole Secondary year groups. The site has a wide variety of galleries and attractions, with experiences to appeal to all members of a cohort.

Crash Out on Cavalier

Education and Youth groups (Classes of up to 35 students plus staff) can take part in a unique overnight stay experience on board the Royal Navy’s last operational Second World War Destroyer HMS Cavalier with guided instruction by the Sea Cadets and then enjoy breakfast in one of our on-site restaurants. The sleepover experience can be enhanced with ‘Fish and Ships’ on board and with a full day of activities on the day before or after a night afloat.