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Family Activities13th February 2018

6 Vintage funfair rides you won’t want to miss this Easter!


Easter is upon us, a time for family fun! All included in your entry ticket, don’t miss your chance to join in with Festival Fun made here at The Festival of Steam and Transport on 1st & 2nd April.

We will be celebrating 400 years of The Dockyard and all things steam, The Dockyard will be packed full of family fun with 6 vintage funfair rides. Visitors will be able to ride all day on a variety of traditional fairground rides – all included in the price of entry to the event!

Many fairground rides will be about but do you know their history?…


Most commonly known as the carousel, this vintage ride emerged from early jousting traditions where knights would gallop in a circle while tossing balls from one to another. By the 18th Century, the carousel we all love soon took shape and by the mid-19th Century England it was a sure favourite at fairs!


A flying carousel of chairs which premiered in Germany in 1872, were present at the earliest amusement parks. Fly high with the sites of the Dockyard skyline in view this Easter weekend!

Helter Skelter

Most commonly known as Helter Skelter in the United Kingdom, this amusement ride of a tower with a slide wrapped around, has been named this since 1905. The name comes from an older adverb meaning “in confused, disorderly haste”, and you surely may be in a dizzy state of fun if you ride a lot on this!

Ferris Wheel

If you want a slower paced ride to catch the sites of The Dockyard from above, try out the Ferris Wheel! With recordings of similar rides in the 17th Century and the original Ferris Wheel opening in 1893 trying to rival the Eiffel Tower, the Ferris Wheel has been around as an observation ride for many years. You’ll be sure to see some great views from ours!



Being introduced in Britain in 1928, the history of dodgems is hard to trace with many similar types through the years – but who doesn’t like to drive around and try and bump into their friends?

Swing Boats 

Pulling ropes to swing back and forth, this ride is one of the earliest fairground rides common in the Victorian Era. Originally powered by hand, steam-driven versions were later introduced in the 1880s.

If you’re reminiscing about these rides or fancy checking them out, then take a look at the event page for all the details – we currently have 25% off tickets! 

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