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General News7th June 2024

A blossoming partnership: Brightly Software sponsors Dockyard Apiary

In a positive step towards fostering community sustainability and environmental stewardship, Brightly Software has partnered with us to sponsor the Dockyard Apiary. The partnership aims to promote urban beekeeping efforts, support biodiversity, and nurture local ecosystems.

Brightly Software, a leader in innovative tech solutions, is also leading the way in corporate social responsibility. By sponsoring the Dockyard Apiary, Brightly Software has demonstrated its commitment to environmental conservation and community engagement. The sponsorship includes financial support towards materials and maintenance of the apiary including equipment, hive management, and protection of the surrounding meadow. This collaboration is set to enhance the apiary’s capacity to support our bee colonies and improve existing sustainability practices within the Dockyard estate.

The Dockyard Apiary is an urban beekeeping initiative that was originally established with the Medway Beekeepers Association in 2020. Aware of the general decline of species of bees in Kent due to pesticides, diseases and habitat loss, we wanted to commit to a long-term project to support the local ecosystem and improve biodiversity on Dockyard estate.  

Nestled in a secluded corner by the Ropery, the Dockyard Apiary is home to four hives for our busy bees! Protected by a historic corrugated roof structure that was once the bike shed for rope makers working in the adjacent Ropery, the bees gently hum and buzz their way through the surrounding wildflower meadow that has been planted by our Estates Team and volunteers to provide the bees with vital nectar and pollen.

We are delighted to be partnering with Brightly Software, for meaningful impact within our local environment and community.

As a leading charity within Medway, we offer many opportunities for businesses and individuals to get behind us and show their support for the local community. From our award winning Education programme, Community Engagement work within socio-economically deprived areas and our Heritage perseveration programme, we have a suite of charitable projects ensuring long-lasting local impact.

Please contact our Development Manager, Hannane Ford at to find out more.

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