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General News18th December 2020

A Christmas thank you

Here at The Historic Dockyard, not only have our staff been impacted by the COVID-19 crisis this year but also our volunteer groups. In a normal year we would have over 300 volunteers involved with the Dockyard, donating over 35,000 hours of their valuable time.

We are generously supported by a number of volunteer groups whose activities range from restoring and running the our heritage railway to carrying out historical research to supporting film crews using the site for the latest large productions.

Sadly with national lockdowns, forced closures and social distancing restrictions many of our volunteer groups have been unable to help us this year.

However, it seems the Dockyard spirit not only runs through our teams but also through our volunteer groups. Behind the scenes and, to our surprise, students (and teachers) from Bradfields Academy in Chatham were still keen to continue their volunteering work and give a little something back to their local community.

Over the last weeks they have produced some lovely Christmas cards and thank you letters for other volunteer groups and residents of the Dockyard.

We wanted to spread this Christmas cheer and to share a sample of the work they have sent to us.

Enjoy scrolling below to see the Christmas crafts:


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