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Walk in my Shoes19th May 2020

Life in lockdown: a day in the life of a furloughed hospitality exec. and Jenson the Whippet

To honour Mental Health Awareness Week and to encourage our staff, volunteers, and organisations we work closely with to pay more attention to the present (aka mindfulness), we’ve asked a few of them to write a journal post and diary a day in lock down. These blogs will provide a snapshot of the everyday lives, experiences and wellbeing of our people.

Chloe Wilson
Hospitality Sales Executive, Chatham Historic Dockyard Trust

Day 56 in Lockdown: I’m sure everyone will be in agreement now that the days and time really don’t seem to matter. I have no concept of what day of the week it is, what time it is or what normal clothes even look like! One thing I am really appreciating about being a furloughed member of the team is that for the first time in my working life, my alarm isn’t going off at 6am every day. I know this won’t last forever so I really am embracing not having an alarm clock for this short stint in life. I do however, have a lovely whippet who likes to get up around 5am to go outside every day, but we soon settle back down to sleep for a little longer!

Today, I got up and did the usual routine of brushing my teeth and not putting any make up on (I’m loving that!) And then having a quick look in the mirror to make sure I can rock this messy bun for another day (it’s been 6 now…).

Then it was workout time – this is fun at the moment as I also have my partner at home who loves exercising so is great for encouragement and programming. We did 30 minutes together in the garden, getting that sunshine in! Once done, it was time for a quick shower.

It wasn’t long before we had a knock on the door, and it was of course… a delivery! Like most others, we are getting them daily at the moment. It was a board game, Othello. If you have never played it, give it a go! It’s super easy and very addictive! I spent some time teaching my partner to play and then 3 hours went by and we hadn’t stopped – he’s now also addicted!

We then took Jenson (our whippet) out for a nice long walk. We are so lucky to live in the middle of nowhere, totally surrounded by footpaths and fields, woods and ponds. Its lovely! 5 miles kills some time and is great exercise for both us and Jenson. Today we passed some lovely calves too. Back home and time to give Jenson a little bath which he hates but he always gets super grassy legs!

6pm can only mean one thing… House of Games! When working, I’m not ever home in time to watch this programme so I really am loving getting to see it all week. Dinner time – my favourite time of the day (I forgot to mention lunch earlier, but we did have some – homemade sweet potato and chilli soup). It’s leftover lasagne for dinner – something that I always think is better the next day.

We’ve been using our evenings to rewatch all of the Harry Potter films and tonight is the last one. It’s been great rewatching them all from the start. And then to bed… 10pm as per most nights – I can’t keep my eyes open after then!

Find out more about Chatham Historic Dockyard Trust’s initiatives for Mental Health Awareness.

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