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Events10th July 2024

Become a detective at The Historic Dockyard Chatham this summer

The Game is Afoot this Summer

‘The Game Is Afoot’ this summer at The Historic Dockyard Chatham, as families prepare to don deerstalkers to become Dockyard Detectives, embarking on an epic adventure mystery.

Visitors will step into the fascinating world of Chatham Dockyard in 1887.  The atmosphere is laden with whispers of treachery that threaten the very heart of the Royal Navy. The air hums with rumours of secrets sold to foreign powers, initiating a web of scandal that grips the Admiralty and challenges the loyalty of its officials.

In a tumultuous time, Professor Elgar, the esteemed Director of Dockyards, and his team find themselves embroiled in turmoil as confidential plans and drawings of vital torpedo vessels and torpedoes have been mysteriously leaked.

Young detectives will summon their inner Sherlock Holmes and take a journey to decipher clues and untangle a mystery that has remained shrouded in the annals of history. Only the most astute and perceptive minds will prevail in this thrilling adventure. The quest to apprehend the notorious “Torpedo Turncoat” commences…

What to expect…

Mystery Unfolds: The journey begins at the Admiralty Wagon, where adventurers will be greeted by a member of Professor Elgar’s elite team. Here they’ll receive their first set of clues and deerstalker hats to start the journey.

Detective Kit: Each quest-solver will be given their very own set of special tools, essential for solving the mystery and becoming a true detective.

Clue Hunt: A trail of perplexing clues will be scattered across the Dockyard. Keen observation skills will be required to uncover hidden messages and decipher riddles.

Interactive Challenges: A series of puzzles and tasks will test wits and deductive abilities. Each challenge solved will bring our young detectives one step closer to unravelling the mystery.

Mystery Solved: The adventure culminates in a curious reveal where the most astute detectives will crack the case of the torpedo turncoat.

The game is afoot, and the challenge awaits those bold enough to seek the truth hidden within the vaults of history.

‘The Game is Afoot’ is included in the Dockyard entry ticket. Admission tickets are discounted when booking online. No additional event booking is required. Visit for more information and to buy tickets.

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