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General News4th June 2018

An interview with artist Nadav Kander…

Celebrating our 400th birthday, don’t miss your last chance to see the temporary exhibition Powerful Tides: 400 Years of Chatham and the Sea. The exhibition displays historical and contemporary artworks from our own collection and museums such as Tate Modern, British Library, National Maritime Museum and many more!

From the Stuart Dockyard to the present day, delve in to a romanticism of art from the age of sail to the industrialisation and the importance of the river and trade. Diaries and manuscripts provide first-hand accounts of travellers through The Dockyard providing more evidence of just how important and what an impact The Dockyard has made over her 400 years.

One set of beautiful pieces in the exhibition is that by Nadav Kander. Find out more about his work and don’t miss a chance to see them in person at the exhibition, open till 17th June!

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