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Film Location17th October 2023

Chatham Historic Dockyard Trust awarded UK Shared Prosperity Fund to develop Screen Tourism Attraction for Medway

We are delighted to announce that we have been awarded £5,000 by the UK government through the UK Shared Prosperity Fund to conduct a feasibility study to develop a brand new film location experience at the Historic Dockyard.

The Historic Dockyard Chatham is widely recognised in the film and tourism industry as a film location. The iconic backdrop of the Dockyard has featured in a number of blockbuster TV and Films, including productions by Warner Brothers, Universal Pictures and Neal Street Productions. We are home to the Official Call the Midwife Location Tour, welcoming thousands of visitors each year through our successful partnership with Neal Street Productions.

Feasibility Study on the development of a Screen Tourism Attraction

With genuine Victorian and Georgian buildings, cobbled streets, docksides and historic warships, the Historic Dockyard has been the location of choice for feature films, popular TV series and promotional videos. In recent years, we have gained additional recognition as the filming location for the popular TV series Call the Midwife. Fans from around the world now visit the Dockyard to experience the setting first-hand.

With the UK Shared Prosperity Funding we will undertake a feasibility study to explore the opportunity of introducing a brand-new film location tour and experience at The Historic Dockyard Chatham.

Medway – a Screen Tourism Destination

Screen tourism refers to the industry in which visitors flock to a location that has been featured in films, TV shows, or other forms of media. Screen tourism provides a direct connection with the location of a film or TV series, whereby a trip to a set or filming location creates a truly unique visitor experience. The UK has seen huge benefits of screen tourism in destinations strongly associated with a popular TV show or film. Visit Kent reported that in 2021/22, it was estimated that filming generated a record breaking £8 million towards the Kent economy, due to the presence of internationally acclaimed film and TV productions such as Call the Midwife and James Bond.

A Feasibility Study on a screen tourism attraction at The Historic Dockyard Chatham has the potential to contribute to the Shared Prosperity Fund Communities in Place priority in several ways:

The Historic Dockyard Chatham has been integral to the history of Chatham and neighbouring Medway towns for over 400 years. Its position as one of the most important naval dockyards in Britain is tightly bound up with the social, economic and political history of both the local area and of the country as a whole. Engaging local audiences through a film location experience, would widen public participation and access to the cultural heritage that the Dockyard and Medway has to offer.

As seen in …

You’ll recognise The Historic Dockyard Chatham in many blockbuster movies and hit series.

Marvel Studios (2023)

Loki – Season 2

Production filmed a stunt scene on 3 Slip Mezzanine.


Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One

Production filmed around the historic Ropery buildings.

Marvel Studios / Disney (2023)

Secret Invasion

Production used a wide range of the site, including Anchor Wharf, the Ropery streets, the Tarred Yarn Store and the rear of the Officer’s Terrace.

Series 3 (2023)


Production visited for Series 3, areas featured include The Ropery Alley, Anchor Wharf  and The Tarred Yarn Store.

Netflix (2022)

Enola Holmes 2

From September to November 2021, production filmed a variety of scenes in the Ropery complex of buildings.

Anthony, Benedict and Colin Bridgerton cast in 3 Slip at The Historic Dockyard Chatham



Production filmed exteriors of the Ropery and Officer’s Terrace, which were used as stand ins for various London streets and the Tarred Yarn Store was transformed into a boxing club. No 3 Slip was a venue for a public Boxing match.  Commissioner’s House Garden stands in as the Bridgerton family garden for several scenes.


A Spy Among Friends

Anchor Wharf and HMS CAVALIER feature in Episodes 1 & 2 of the series, doubling as a Russian ship and dock.

Series 1 & 5

The Crown

For Series 1, production filmed a dockside scene on Anchor Wharf after building part of the side of a ship.

For Series 5, production filmed a couple of scenes at Anchor Wharf of the Queen boarding the Royal Yacht Britannia and visiting the ship prior to her being decommissioned.


Operation Mincemeat

Production filmed on HMS CAVALIER and at Anchor Wharf. HMS Cavalier is hard to spot, but it features at the beginning and end of the film in a sequence where the Allied forces are approaching the coast of Sicily.  Anchor Wharf doubles as the R.N. Submarine Base at Holy Loch.

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