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General News12th March 2019

Chatham Historic Dockyard Volunteer Service…

The Chatham Historic Dockyard Volunteer Service (CHDVS) was formed by members of the now disbanded Thames and Medway branch of the Royal Naval Auxiliary Service (RXNS). CHDVS assist in conservation and other essential work across the whole of the Dockyard site – not only repairing and maintaining exhibits but also whatever is required for the Dockyard’s two main events, before during and after.

CHDVS have calculated that in 2018, they achieved 3,000 hours of volunteering on various projects and the two main events at The Dockyard. Their latest project they have been working on is repairing one double-decker and one single-decker bus. The buses have taken years to restore in comparison to other projects which have often taken a couple of weeks.

The restoration of the Maidstone & District double decker bus has taken three year to repair and was used last year after its completion to give CHDVS’s patron, His Royal Highness Prince Michael of Kent a tour around The Dockyard. It was also on show at the Dockyard’s Salute to the ‘40s event last year and will be on display at the Festival of Steam and Transport this Easter weekend (21st & 22nd April).

Keep an eye out for seeing the Maidstone & District double decker bus at events and don’t forget to speak to the CHDVS team too and find out more about their projects! To find out more about volunteering, visit here.

Above: Prince Michael of Kent visiting the bus

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