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Dockyard drama – where is Call the Midwife is filmed?

23 April 2021

Have you ever wondered where BBC One’s award-winning drama Call the Midwife is filmed?

To celebrate the new series, let’s find out more about the many quirky film settings and scenes in and around The Historic Dockyard Chatham, where the show has been filmed since it was ‘born’ in 2010.

Call the Midwife creators Neal Street Productions, transform our 400 year old site into 1950s and 60s East London, featuring iconic buildings such as Grosvenor Hotel and ‘Chummy’s Hill’, where Nurse Noakes famously learnt to ride her bike.

Call the Midwife bike

Did you know that when Nurse Trixie Franklin is cycling the cobbled streets of Poplar, she is actually pedalling alongside our Victorian Ropery?  The tender moment the no-nonsense midwife shared with her suitor was to the viewer, the capital’s Thames side dock, complete with Royal Navy sailors, but was in fact Medway’s Thunderbolt Pier.

Just as the stars of Call the Midwife are its leading ladies, the stars of the Dockyard are its imposing warships.  The Second World War destroyer HMS Cavalier has doubled as a fishing trawler, cargo ship and transport vessel.

Without spoiling the magic of how a film crew and the talent actors create convincing scenes and immerse you in the real drama of Call the Midwife, we’ll leave you to enjoy the new series… but remember not all scenes are as they seem…

To find out more about where Call the Midwife is filmed, and follow in the footsteps of Dr Turner and Sister Julienne, why not book an Official Location Tour, led by your very own costumed midwife?


Call the Midwife

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