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General News23rd July 2019

Get to Know Anna Braithwaite, Composer-in-Residence

Get to Know Anna Braithwaite, Composer-in-Residence

We recently had the chance to catch up with Anna Braithwaite, The Dockyard’s first-ever artist-in-residence. Anna began her residency in April, researching new music and art works inspired by the historic and storied grounds of The Dockyards.

A classically trained singer, cabaret artist and composer, Anna’s work is distinctly theatrical in nature, thought-provoking, humourous and unexpected. Much of the inspiration for Anna’s work comes from the sights, sounds and community around her. Her past work has included compositions and music inspired by local communities such as Folkestone and Doncaster.

During her residency, Anna is focused on developing her practice and working with new collaborators to create provoking works derived by the stunning grounds and melodic sounds of The Dockyards.  Anna has already worked with local sound artist Sean Williams to record the maritime bells of the Victorian Ropery for a new piece that’s scheduled to be released later this year. Currently, Anna is in the midst of researching the HM Submarine Ocelot, the last Royal Navy warship built at Chatham, in preparation for a live improvisational performance piece that will take place in the autumn upon the historic submarine.

Anna’s residency marks the first of its kind for The Historic Dockyard Chatham. As keen supporters of the arts, the Chatham Historic Dockyard Trust hopes to encourage more artists to come explore The Dockyard’s intriguing spaces, capture the spirit of the unique location and offer fresh perspective on this historic location.

“Since my first visit to the Dockyards more than two years ago, I’ve wanted to take on the role of composer-in-residence at the Dockyards,” says Anna. “I was really inspired by the site’s unique venues and immediately saw the potential for artists to celebrate the space. This has been an exciting opportunity for me to evolve my practice and I’m looking forward to sharing my works with the public in a few months.”

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