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Diving Deep8th February 2022

HMS Invincible: stealing secrets from the French

The place: out to sea, off Cape Finisterre

The date: 3 May 1747

The Royal Navy capture France’s finest 74-gun warship L’Invincible. The Royal Navy sail her under a new name, HMS Invincible and her new flag, the Union Jack. They measure and draw every inch of her and make a full set of plans. The Royal Navy use these plans to build new, faster 74-gun ships, with a few British changes.

The place: out to sea, off Cape Trafalgar

The date: 21 October 1805

The Royal Navy use 16 of these faster 74 gun ships to fight the French under Admiral Horatio Nelson. Using French secrets to fight the French.


Find out more about HMS Invincible in Diving Deep: HMS Invincible 1744, showing at The Historic Dockyard Chatham until 20 November 2022.

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