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Behind the Scenes7th August 2020

Life after lockdown: creating new ways to dine

As a continuation of the work we produced supporting Mental Health Awareness Week, we have decided to publish a weekly blog dedicated to wellness.  We’ve asked a few of our staff, volunteers and organisations we work closely with to write a journal post and diary a day in lock down. These blogs will provide a snapshot of the everyday lives, experiences and well-being of our people.

Sammy Edwards
Catering Manager

Receiving the phone call about returning to work was the just the best feeling! I was so excited that I would get to see all my colleagues and friends again. During lockdown I really did miss my dockyard family – I have worked here for 10 years, so to have a 4 month break due to the COVID-19 closure felt very surreal!

My first day back – it didn’t feel that different from returning after our usual winter break: raring to go, new routines, looking forward to seeing familiar faces again – except this time we had to abide by social distancing rules (strictly no hugging!) and make our department COVID-safe, ready to welcome back visitors.

Turning the Mess Deck into a take away outlet was a strange experience. No longer the traditional table service restaurant that we were all so used to operating but a whole new practice of ‘The Dockyard Fish & Shippy’ take away offer. This wasn’t the only new addition either; an entirely new food outlet had been created in No.1 Smithery Courtyard, to serve ice creams and drinks in an undercover space – nice and cool ready for visitors to shelter from the sun. Organising these two new experiences was refreshing to work on and great to have a new project to manage after my time on furlough.

A fair few obstacles have been thrown my way since returning to work – from the trusty van not turning on due to a dead battery as it hadn’t been used for 4 months to turning the water back on for all of our coffee machines and equipment and lastly, contacting suppliers and ordering products for our new limited menu.

Fish and Ships

Since re opening to visitors, I really feel like I’m back home!

So next time you order your fish and chips or hot drink, just remember the Dockyard family are so pleased to be serving you once again!


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