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Walk in my Shoes9th June 2020

Life in lockdown: unearthing garage treasures

Linda Brown Life in Lockdown blog article_cups and saucers

As a continuation of the work we produced supporting Mental Health Awareness Week, we have decided to publish a weekly blog dedicated to wellness.  We’ve asked a few of our staff, volunteers and organisations we work closely with to write a journal post and diary a day in lock down. These blogs will provide a snapshot of the everyday lives, experiences and wellbeing of our people.

Linda Brown
Learning Facilitator

Another day of lockdown sees the sun streaming through the window waking me up just as I take delivery of my now regular cup of tea and a biscuit – lucky me! Soon we are off along the lane to the fields and woods for our regular daily walk. Now, I could wax lyrical about all the lilting birdsong, clouds of butterflies lifting off the flower laden meadows, the lazy alpacas and other bits of Mother Nature we encounter along the way – but, of course, you all know what I mean! Back home for a relaxed breakfast sitting in the front garden watching life passing by.

We are so fortunate that the lockdown has coincided with such glorious weather – just imagine how awful it could have been if there was a deluge everyday! This weather has enabled us to enjoy the garden and get all those outside jobs done. My husband decides that having lived here for some 43 years that the garage needs clearing. Some stuff has not been moved in all that time. I stay clear in the back garden not wishing to make acquaintance with anything having 8 legs. We have wonderful memories and many laughs at some of the ‘artefacts’ he finds – old childrens’ games, Edward VIII coronation mug and, goodness knows where it came from, a belly button brush!


During lockdown I have managed to catch up on reading, painting, sorting out the family tree, all those things I find myself promising to do but never getting around to …… Quite close to the beginning of the lockdown we ordered a new bird feeder for the garden and we are now adept ‘twitchers’. We have enjoyed watching robins, sparrows, tits and finches feeding and recently bringing their little ones to feed on kibbled nuts. However, last week, all that changed…… the starlings and their broods arrived! The noise! Constant screeching and fighting, no one else could get a look in! Thankfully, this week the young ones have learnt to feed themselves and have, in the main, flown the roost and gone elsewhere to feed. Peace has returned.

For some this lockdown has been a real trial with fears not only for health but also for jobs and associated money worries, not to mention responsibilities for bored and grumpy children or dependent relatives. We are so fortunate that the only responsibility we have is to provide daily support for an elderly mother in law (95 and living alone at home) so we have been trying not to interact with people hence the early morning walks and food deliveries etc. We are actually really enjoying the lockdown, it’s like being on a permanent holiday!

Now that the situation is easing just a bit, we are so looking forward to being able to interact with family again face to face rather than stolen moments from passing cars and quick peeks over back gates and having enormous ‘force fields’ erected around us. Although I feel that much of ‘normal’ life will be changed forever, I am hopeful that once this is all over, that all the good, brave, generous acts seen during this time will have the effect of making society a much more tolerant and kind place. A silver lining maybe……

Find out more about Chatham Historic Dockyard Trust’s initiatives for Mental Health Awareness.

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