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Behind the Scenes22nd March 2023

Meet Dr Tammy Horton, co-curator, Monsters of the Deep

Behind every fascinating exhibition is a team of brilliant people who help pull it all together. With Monsters of the Deep arriving at the Dockyard on 1 April, we decided to put the spotlight on Dr Tammy Horton, Research Scientist at the National Oceanography Centre (NOC), in Southampton.

Dr Tammy Horton is a deep-sea expert with 20 years research experience, including participation in deep-sea research cruises.

Tammy has a key focus on her taxonomic work and has been involved in the descriptions of many new species of deep-sea amphipods.  Tammy has also been a part of the many contributions that help to understand the diverse ecology of deep-sea ecosystems.

For Monsters of the Deep, Tammy has installed open ocean and deep sea specimen samples from the Discovery Collections from the National Oceanography Centre – which has been collecting globally since 1925. These unique specimens are perfectly placed below an Orca Whale Skeleton at the entrance of Monsters of the Deep, setting the scene for the fascinating deep-sea creatures that you will encounter as part of the exhibition.

There are over 150 jars with multiple specimens inside, how many can you count?

Entry to Monsters of the Deep is included within your admission ticket to the Dockyard.

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