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Dockyard Characters16th February 2023

Meet new Head of Facilities, Ben Morgan

Welcome onboard our new Head of Facilities, Ben Morgan

As Head of Facilities, Ben’s day to day responsibilities involve the mechanics and running of the buildings around the historic estate and how we service and repair them. Ben also looks at how to get the most longevity out of equipment and buildings as being a charity, it’s important to make sure everything is looked after to maximise its potential. This will be a large part of what Ben will be doing at the Dockyard.

Ben works with the security team, carrying out risk assessments, and continues to spread our message of practice of preservation through reuse, Ben will also be supporting our Director of Historic Buildings.

Ben has spent much of his working life in London, with newer and more modern builds. However, the Dockyard provides a joy of working for him “it’s a lovely environment, as soon as you walk in, the way it is presented is brilliant, the huge draw for me at the Dockyard is the location. It’s a very complicated mixed use site, so that challenge to learn and work on each aspect of my role at the Dockyard really motivates me.”

Ben’s favourite building so far is the Fitted Rigging House because of the rich history and mixed use nature of the building.

Some of Ben’s strongest skills include his work in Health and Safety from his time doing events such as the BAFTA’s & GQ Awards, he has organised Health and Safety for installations.

“My main thing is compliance and making sure we are doing everything we need to by law, making sure we have a purpose and a robust programme of maintenance.”

Ben is also hoping to continue to get as much life out of everything as possible at the Dockyard from the buildings to vehicles and equipment.

As we get into 2023, Ben cannot wait to experience the Dockyard when it opens to visitors “I cannot wait to see what the place is like with visitors, seeing it alive and seeing what innovations I can make to the site is going to be a big goal for me. Also to carry on the incredible work done before me.”

One thing you may not know about Ben’s work is just how diverse a work day is for him. “From day to day operations, to flooring and trip hazards, guttering, leaks, and so much more, it is such a wide spectrum of work. That is why I’m so attracted to work at a place like the Dockyard. No two days are the same. I love the challenge.”

Ben has 80-acres to cover across our historic site and he is already beginning to make his mark.

In his free time Ben is extremely passionate about his music with an expansive vinyl collection and DJ-ing in his spare time.

So if you do happen to spot Ben when you visit the Dockyard, don’t hesitate to chat with him about his love of music!

Welcome to the team Ben.

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