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Behind the Scenes12th May 2023

Meet the new Ropemaking Assistants

Meet the new Visitor Experience Ropemaking Assistants, Robert Laine-Shaw and Nikki Lowe.

These new and exciting posts will improve the offer to our visitors by expanding on the interdepartmental work between the Visitor Experience team and Master Ropemakers.

Robert said “I’ve worked with Visitor Experience for 14 years now, lately I’ve been trying to do different things around the Dockyard such as the Fitted Rigging House project, now I’m here at The Ropery.”

The Dockyard has been a place close to Robert’s heart for a long time, so why did he want to work more closely with the Ropemakers?

“I had not done much work in The Ropery but when the new gallery opened last year, it drew me in and watching the process happen made me really want to be a part of it.”

Nikki has been a Ropery tour guide for the last 5 years and she may have even shown you the ropes if you’ve visited us in that time.

“The ropewalk is such a fabulous building steeped in history, learning the ropes is not as easy as it looks. Watching the process all come together on the tours really pulled me in to this new role”

Day to day Rob and Nikki will support the Master Ropemakers and enhance the visitor experience when you come along for a tour and a rope demonstration. During the rope demo, you get the chance to see our ropemakers making rope with the traditional methods and machinery dating back to 1810. Demonstrations are included in your entry ticket, they take place most weekdays at 12:30.

You can learn more about The Ropery here.

Make sure to say hello to Nikki and Robert if you see them when you next visit the Ropewalk.

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