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General News21st June 2019

National Picnic Week is here!

Garden view of Commissioners House at The Historic Dockyard Chatham in Kent

Let’s hope the sun comes out and stays for us all to enjoy National Picnic Week!

Here at the Dockyard, we have plenty of beautiful green spaces for the perfect picnic location. Here’s a few of our favourites…

The Commissioner’s House Gardens

This garden has a lot of space to enjoy picnics, ice creams, for the kids to run around, or to see the flowers and wildlife around. It also has a 17th Century Mulberry Tree and 18th Century Icehouse to look at!


Behind the Clocktower

Hidden behind the Clocktower is a large green space. The perfect tranquil location is just a few steps away from our 3 Historic Warships.


Opposite The Commissioner’s House

With park benches and next to one of our outdoor play areas, this green space is perfect to relax and enjoy the sun and watch the world go past on the river, whilst kids play in the playground.


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