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Family Activities1st September 2016

Pole of Cold – Media Preview


Since the launch of our new exhibition Pole of Cold, featuring Kent’s very own explorer Felicity Aston MBE, we have hosted a number press days for journalists to come and discover our latest addition to what is on offer at The Historic Dockyard Chatham, and showcase it to the world.

BBC Radio Kent (Joe Procock) carried out the first interview and he really got into the spirit when interviewing Felicity, asking all the nitty gritty questions and even tried the packet food that Felicity had to endure on her travels and dressed up in all her Arctic clothing!  It was fascinating to see what conditions Felicity had to undergo, as well as hearing her amazing stories.

IMG_0104    IMG_0108    IMG_0639

One story that stood out for us, was how the locals dry their clothes! Interestingly they still hang their clothes out on a washing line, and as the air is so dry, the clothes still dry, despite the freezing conditions.  Once dry they have to come inside to have the ice knocked off!


BBC South East Today also did a live feed on the lunchtime news. Felicity was interviewed by BBC Reporter Chrissie Reidy describing how she started her journey.  She discovered an extraordinary fact – the locals still enjoy ice cream despite the sub-zero conditions!  It was interesting to see behind the scenes and how the BBC make it happen. With such ease Chrissie did another live feed for the evening news with a pre-recorded interview with Alex Patterson: our Collections, Galleries & Visitor Experience Manager – who explained how this all came about and the significance of the exhibition.

IMG_0113 IMG_0663 IMG_0654

Its always an exciting time opening a new exhibition for all those involved who have worked long hours to make it happen –  painting, building, researching and the complicated planning!  We’re excited to show off this new exhibition to the public, for people to see what winter is really like and to put into perspective the different cultures and living conditions, people endure on the coldest permanently inhabited place in the world…

Just another media launch for a new exhibition at The Historic Dockyard Chatham!


IMG_0677   IMG_0630   IMG_0637

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