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General News8th February 2019

Rope gifts knot to be missed…

Our Ropery gift shop is back open – selling lots of fantastic handmade rope gifts!

Did you know these are made right here at our Victorian Ropery?
Having made rope for 400 years, our Victorian Ropery is the only one left out of the four Royal Navy Ropeyards to remain in operation today.
The Master Ropemakers prepare rope on the rope walk and in other buildings nearby such as the Hemp Houses.

What is the Rope Walk?

The Rope walk is a 1/4 of a mile long and consists of the machinery used to make a piece of rope the same way it was made in the Victorian times. About 31 miles (50km) of rope was needed for a 1st Rate ship of the line such as HMS Victory, so you can imagine just how long the room had to be! You can see the Master Ropemakers working here from 12:30pm every weekday.

What are the Hemp Houses?

The Hemp Houses were used to store raw hemp imported from the Baltic, keeping it fresh in timber-lined stores. Hemp was then used to make rope with other materials coming in to use later on. You can witness the Master Ropemakers in the process of modern ropemaking and rigging in the hemp houses today – including some of the gifts that you can find in the store!

To see more and buy online visit:

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