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General News12th February 2019

Sleep on board HMS Cavalier…

HMS Cavalier

Did you know that you can sleep on board our ship HMS Cavalier, in your school group or youth group?

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For schools and youth groups, a Crash out on Cavalier experience is available to see what life was like at sea.

As a Second World War destroyer, HMS Cavalier is the last standing ship you can visit who served in the Arctic, Western Approaches and British Pacific Fleet. She is also a National Destroyer Memorial commemorating the 11,000 lives and 142 Royal Navy Destroyers lost during the Second World War.

We went with the Groups Sales Administrator Sandie, to take a look on board where the groups sleep – she even had a go!

The group will sleep in real ship bunks overnight and have 2/3 hours of activities beforehand that can be tailor made to suit them. Activities will make the experience more realistic by learning life at sea and on board as if you were!
For groups bigger than 35, there is the option to sleep overnight in one of The Dockyard’s museums – No. 1 Smithery.

For more information visit:

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