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General News19th September 2018

Step by step on how to decorate a Ropery Wreath

It may be a few months away yet, but our Master Ropemakers are busy making Christmas Wreaths! Some are on sale now!

We went to see how they are doing and get a step by step guide on what they do (minus the hardwork of making the rope first!)

Step 1 – Choose the size of your Rope Wreath. The Ropery shop sells this plain so you can follow these steps to make at home or already decorated!

Step 2 – Trim any loose strands of rope around the wreath
Step 3 – Attached the first decoration. Here we used thin black wire to attach green leaves to the middle bottom of the wreath
Step 4 – Using a hot glue gun, stick on your other decorations of choice
Step 5 – Using the hot glue gun again, we attached a ribbon of our choosing to the top to finish the wreath
And there you have it! The Ropery Shop holds many different sizes and designs for you to choose from, or just get a wreath to make your own. Don’t forget, you don’t just have to decorate it for Christmas! You could make a wreath for Halloween, Summer, Spring and many more!
See the Master Ropemakers website for more Rope ideas and gifts!

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