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Film Location30th September 2016

Student midwives meet ‘Call The Midwife!’

On Monday 26th September we delivered a bundle of joy for a group of 2nd year student midwives from Canterbury Christchurch University (S15 Cohort).  The trainee midwives enjoyed one of our hugely popular Call the Midwife location set tour. After seeing our Facebook post regarding the Call the Midwife tours, the students got in touch with the Dockyard and arrangements started to be made for their visit and afternoon tea!

It was decided that it would be fun if the students wore their uniform as they took the tour – such a contrast to the original uniform worn by the well-known period drama! Theresa, The Dockyard’s very own midwife took them around the site, explaining the stories and back scene gossip of what happens here when filming takes place!

Whilst going on the tour, Bex our Marketing Executive had a quick chance to talk to Kim Neal, the girl’s lecturer, where Kim spoke about how the fundamentals of the job hasn’t changed but mentioned – if you want to do this job these days you need more than a bicycle!

It was interesting to reflect on how much things have changed over the years – technology, roles of midwives, and community.

After the tour, the girls enjoyed afternoon tea in the ball room at Commissioners House, which was the location OF the scene inside Grosvenor Hotel. Sandwiches, scones, cakes and more were all ready to taste!

It was a great fun having the students with us for this afternoon and fantastic to see future midwives walking the same cobbled streets as the famous midwives we see on a Sunday evening!

Thank you girls!

  midwife-tour-8  midwife-tour-13
  midwife-tour-16  midwife-tour-17
   midwife-tour-20_colour-corrected    midwife-tour-12

Watched by over 10 million viewers, and now being on its fifth series, Call the Midwife has used The Historic Dockyard Chatham as it’s filming roots to represent parts of the east End of London in the 1950’s & 60’s. The Call the Midwife location tour is a walking tour led by your very own ‘midwife,  along the tour you recognise the cobbled streets and buildings portraying the area of ‘Poplar’. The midwife shares behind the scenes facts and sets the scene of when filming happens.

The Historic Dockyard Chatham only have a few dates left for their Call the Midwife tours, & dates for 2017 tours are now available! 

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