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Arts Award20th November 2020

Takeover Day with Kids in Museums

Kids in Museums Takeover Day is an annual day when young people and children nationwide are given powerful, meaningful, decision-making roles within museums, galleries, archives, arts and heritage sites.

With The Historic Dockyard being closed for winter, it makes taking part in this wonderful campaign a little tricky. BUT we’re a creative bunch and we really wanted to take part! We worked with a local Trust and linked in our Arts Award activities to get young people involved in the work of the Dockyard.

Since September eight young people from Rivermead Inclusive Trust’s Triple- R provision have been working with us to gain a Bronze level Arts Award – and they have been creating some amazing work.

These young people, from year 7 to 10, have been inspired by the women who worked in the Dockyard to create some beautiful corsets. We wanted to show you how they are getting along.

[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”33″ gal_title=”Arts Award_Corsets”]

The young people particularly enjoyed making the structures and experimenting with new techniques such as batik, pastels, tissue paper laminating and plastic laminating. They were also incredibly inventive with the materials they used to create their work – even involving flowers and teabags.

Would you like to make your own corset?

Mona Whitton, an art teacher from Rivermead Inclusive Trust has made a video so you can also create your own work.

What do you need:

We look forward to seeing your artwork and don’t forget to share your progress with us on social media using #DockyardArtsAward

What is Arts Award?

Arts Award is a scheme that provides a variety of unique, nationally recognised, qualifications for anyone aged 5-25. This award helps you grow as an artists and can be used to go towards your further education or employment. You will also be encouraged to take inspiration from the arts world by connecting with a range of art forms all around you. At the same time learning new skills in communication, leadership and creativity.

Accredited by Trinity College London, Arts Award goes from the introductory Discover Award to the next levels of Explore, Bronze, Silver, and Gold.

Would you like to get involved and get an award for your creativity?

Find out more about our free online Arts Award Discover offer.

To achieve Arts Award Discover all you need to do it complete tasks and be as inventive and creative as you can.

Using our bespoke Log Book you can write about your experience or use photos, video or collage to capture your creations. It is great fun for the whole family – we promise the activities won’t make too much mess.

What is Arts Award at the Dockyard?

Here at the Dockyard, we are an Arts Award Centre promoting cross-curriculum activities for small or large groups. We can also visit you in your setting. We focus on offering flexible and bespoke content inspired by The Historic Dockyard with the opportunity for attendees to self-curate their own exhibitions. We have previously offered a broad range of topics such as photography to stop animation and visual arts to textiles.

We have worked with a huge variety of groups, from whole school Arts Award days to smaller projects with Young Carers and Medway Virtual School.

Please contact Sophie Wynne ( to find out more.

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