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General News1st May 2018

Prepping for the wedding like the Royals

With the Royal wedding being weeks away now, publications are going wild for the event – what will Meghan wear? Who is performing at the evening reception? Who will the bridesmaids be? Come to think of it, Meghan and Prince Harry will no doubt have the same thoughts as everyone else does when planning their wedding:

The guest list – you can have all the assistants in the world, but you still need to make these decisions – Is great auntie Lynn coming? Are your parents neighbours assuming they have an invite?! We’re sure Meghan and Prince Harry have it sussed, but get an idea on numbers before you start looking at venues – this will help many wedding planners out to give ideas on room layouts.

The Wedding cake – we’re wondering what Prince Harry is thinking on this one – a classic fruit cake or a lemon drizzle or red velvet cake? Look at a few designs to help you out beforehand – are you thinking three tier, cupcakes or a simple naked cake?

Finally, the First Dance – We’re wondering if this is a tradition for the Royals as it is for everybody else? There’s a few rumours that the Spice girls are performing but what will their first dance be? There is always pressure on it being too original, or so niche no-one will know what it is, just stick to what means the most to you both and don’t worry about what anybody else thinks!

We’re looking forward to seeing all the photos of the big day for the happy couple but just remember, every couple is different and what works for you may not work for everybody else! A wedding day is all about being personal after all!

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