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General News21st October 2021

Trust recognised for championing diversity

Medway African and Caribbean Association (MACA) hosted its 15th annual Sankofa Awards on Saturday 23 October, awarding a number well deserving local individuals and organisations.

Chatham Historic Dockyard Trust was honoured to receive an award in recognition of its support in championing diversity and the work of MACA, in particular in enabling MACA to stage the fantastic Black History Live exhibition.

It was MACA’s biggest awards ceremony to date. Chairperson Carol Stewart, said: “We were totally overwhelmed by the response and the quality of the nominations this year. We are also recognising individuals and organisations that have championed diversity across Kent and Medway and have been consistent supporters of the work we do as a charity to bring about cohesion, inclusivity, and diversity.”

The nominations of the young people are from all walks of life and have made some remarkable achievements.

The ceremony took place at the Glassbox Theatre at Mid Kent College and featured the X Factor finalist Shylo Malone (Robert Allen) and a host of local talent, including a singer who kept his neighbours entertained during the pandemic and was an internet sensation!

Richard Morsley, Chief Executive, Chatham Historic Dockyard Trust, said: “Museums, heritage sites and memorials have an important role to play in supporting an inclusive, diverse and equal society, and teaching the lessons of the past. The Trust is on a journey that commenced 5 years ago and has been greatly aided by our partnership with MACA and others. Our commitment to diversity and inclusion through our National Lottery Heritage Fund projects and Arts Council England NPO work has hastened progress but there is still a long way to go and we are committed to continuing to progress at pace. Change may not be quick, but we ask for you to all stand with us as we make progress towards our long term vision.”

Chatham Historic Dockyard Trust’s vision references how the organisation will use its heritage assets to ‘make it ever more relevant to all users, providing excellent experiences for all and inspirational learning for the widest audiences’.

The Trust’s education objective places a responsibility on the team to educate people about the Historic Dockyard and provide a diverse and reflective narrative that engages with realities and showcases all perspectives.

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