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General News2nd February 2018

Valentines Day wedding inspiration…

Here in the office we put our heads together on what we feel would make that Valentines wedding uniquely yours…


Don’t just think pink and red, look at going for something a bit more unexpected – with a black & white palette you can add in hints of red or pink in the florals. Or navy blue and a blush pink? Metallic’ s are coming into trend with weddings –why not add in some rose gold touches.


Think about using different fabrics, for example– velvet gives that romantic feeling, add in ribbons for vases, cakes and dresses or add in some throws & cushions for a ‘snug corner’. Flowers can be used differently too – vines can draped over tables and walls, with soft pastel colours or deep reds for contrast. Don’t forget to look at lighting to set the mood. This can be anything from floating tea candles, a candle lit dinner or having coloured lights in the corners of rooms.



As said with colour, you don’t have to think pink and red is the theme. Have pops of colour with a white bouquets and look at hanging flowers too. Flower walls have become popular, as have flower arches for the ceremony especially with an ombré design- Pinterest eat your heart out!



It doesn’t have to be all hearts – cupid arrows also gives the nod to Valentines, as does noughts and crosses – have fun with designs! Get creative with different fonts for invites – calligraphy writing gives a romantic feel with a dramatic effect.


The world is your oyster on these; you can either go all out on the heart front with personalised love heart sweets, heart shaped cookies or heart chocolates. Alternatively, why not get crafty adding a romantic feel – mini scones and strawberry jam sets or readymade marshmallow & strawberry fondue sticks ready for the chocolate fountain!

All images have been sourced from Pinterest 

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