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Community Engagement21st January 2024

Visitors to The Dockyard

Here at The Historic Dockyard Chatham, we welcome a wonderful array of visitors. In 2023, we met ex-service personnel that were based at The Royal Dockyard Chatham; individuals that worked on the ships, submarines, and other vehicles based here at The Dockyard; those that grew up in the area and remember The Dockyard as a working site.

The below are just a small selection of the fascinating stories that we hear throughout the year. If you are visiting in 2024 and have a connection to anything on site, please do make yourself known to member of the team on the day as they’d love to hear your memories.

J. Makin

J. Makin served on HMS CAVALIER 54 years ago and came back to The Dockyard to find where he had hung his hammock in Mess 8. (Our team got a lovely snap of him in the very spot!)

Barry Mair

In September, we had a lovely visitor called Barry Mair who’s “rig” was the M2D Amphibious Vehicle in our Royal Engineers collection. He was ever so friendly and has many stories to share. He asked if he could sit in the cabin one more time which the Team happily obliged with.

Hawthorn Manor

In October, Hawthorn Manor brought their residents for a day trip to The Historic Dockyard Chatham. During their visit, the group spent time on HMS GANNET (even ringing the bell), in the Monsters of the Deep exhibition, and enjoyed tea in the Mess Deck restaurant. It was a pleasure having the group on site.

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