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Weddings6th January 2020

Wedding trends for 2020

If you recently got engaged – then firstly congratulations! If you’re not sure where to start with planning your perfect wedding and you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed, then read our blog post on engagement.

2020 is upon us and wedding trends have already set in for the year ahead. If you’re getting married this year, then read on to see if you’re on trend or use the list as ideas for your special day:

Flowers aren’t just about bouquets, they come through as integral décor this year. Forget flower walls, it’s all about ceiling pieces and hanging décor. Table centre pieces feature low level flower arrangements, allowing conversations to flow more easily and couples are even opting to grow their own to display on their special day.

2019 was the year when ‘being green’ was really bought forward – call it trendy or not, it’s becoming a big part of our lives. Couples are ensuring there is limited wastage on their special day by ensuring meals are to everyone’s liking by taking in consideration on dietary requirements as well as composting waste.  Use of plastic is being scrutinised and ‘green couples’ will be ensuring there are alternatives on their wedding day. With flowers being re-used throughout the day – from bouquets, to centre pieces to being re-arranged ready for the evening celebrations.

Having an interactive aspect of a wedding is something couples want to see– getting people out of their seats more and having fun. This also means couples can add their personal touches such as ‘Mr & Mrs’ cocktails and signature drinks. This also helps with less staff being required making it more affordable for the big day.

Long gone are the Brizezillas… it’s all about the Groomzilla! Men are now wanting the whole experience too, with days out to professional barbers with their groomsmen, spa mornings before the big day and wanting to be more involved in the special day itself – which may not be a bad thing ladies! They are even looking to spend as much on their suit as the bridal dress. But watch out, they’ll be noticing the hidden extras more than you think!

We have Meghan Markle to thank for this one. The Duchess of Sussex started the trend of less is more – especially on the hair front. Say goodbye to big ‘up dos’ and bottles of hairspray, to more natural, loose do’s giving that chic, relaxed vibe.

Aside from these trends, it doesn’t mean you have to follow them, your special day needs to reflect you as a couple. Enjoy your preparations and don’t forget for venue inspo. our next Wedding Showcase Open House is: January 19thbook here to avoid disappointment

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