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Family Activities13th February 2017

While the Doc’s away………

2017 starts off with a bang! (Quite literally) at The Historic Dockyard Chatham, with the first of many activities for 2017 getting underway: From Saturday 11th February to the May Bank Holiday (Monday 1st May), the popular “Doc. Yard’s Secret Lab” returns with a brand new electrifying experience for the whole family.

Whilst our resident mad scientist, Doc. Yard, is off undertaking experiments across the world, his assistant Bunsen is opening up the Doc’s lab to budding scientists visiting The Historic Dockyard Chatham.  In the Prep room, all young scientists will don lab coats and stylish safety specs ready to enter the Lab, where the 45 minutes of fun begins! Young scientists and normal people too, get hands-on exploring the world of static electricity, have hair-raising fun finding out what happens when exposed to 100,000 volts of electricity and learn about the pulling power of magnets, including discovering how to make their own!

Secret Lab is open at weekends and school holidays (and for school visits during the week).  Lookout for our Secret Lab team with teasers at Dockside Outlet Centre (Saturday 11th & Sunday 12th February), The Pentagon Shopping Centre (Monday 13th) and the McArthur Glen Ashford Designer Outlet (Thursday 16th and Friday 17th).  It’s a chance to find out about a trip to Doc’s lab before booking your visit to The Historic Dockyard Chatham.

As well as Doc Yard’s Secret Lab there is so much more.  If you did not get a chance to visit our new galleries – Command of the Oceans last year, then 2017 is your chance! Explore the Age of Sail in our state of the art galleries which reveal the full dockyard story, the people that worked here, the ships built here (including HMS Victory) and two internationally significant maritime archaeological discoveries – the collection of objects from the wreck of the Invincible and our ship beneath the floor – the Namur!


Our three historic warships will be back open to discover, the working Ropery back in full string, as well as 3 adventure play areas –  it really is 80 acres of fun for all the family!

Don’t forget to grab a bite to eat at the Mess Deck – with a new menu for 2017 there really is something for everyone.

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