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Collections27th October 2017

World Day for Audiovisual Heritage

To celebrate World Day for Audiovisual Heritage, we are sharing a short interview with two veterans who came for a surprise visit and for a 90th birthday earlier this month.

Basil King – 92 Years old and served on the Arctic Convoys during WWII in HMS Caprice, the sister ship of HMS Cavalier.

Alfred Jackson – It was his 90th birthday on the day of his visit. Served on many ships, but speaks fondly of HMS Chequers when he served under First Lieutenant Prince Philip in 1949 as a gunner. 

Neither families knew each other; it was a pure coincidence they both wanted to visit on the same day! They all had the surprise of being greeted by a Standard Bearer and were piped on board HMS Cavalier by  Tim Stopford.

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