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Family Activities1st March 2023

Your Dockyard Bucket List for 2023

HM Submarine Ocelot interior at Chatham Historic Dockyard

At the Dockyard, we realise it is next to impossible to experience all the wonderful things we have to offer in just a single day, that’s why our entry tickets are valid for 12 months. The day ticket that lasts all year. This means you can come back again and again to experience everything we offer during the school holidays, our temporary exhibitions programme, talks and tours as well as our award winning galleries and historic warships.

To help make the most of your ticket, here is your comprehensive bucket list for things to do at the Dockyard in 2023:

Can you tick everything off the list?

Step aboard a Cold War Submarine

HM Submarine OCELOT was the last Royal Navy Warship built at Chatham. Last year she celebrated her 60th birthday and she received a complete repaint, brand new lighting, props and sounds to fully immerse you with what life was like below the waves.

Exploring OCELOT is included in your annual ticketTours run throughout the day and are booked on arrival.

Try your hand at our half term activities

Throughout the year we offer fantastic, family friendly activities which are all included in your ticket. That means you can visit during April, May, August and October school holidays, and there will be something different every time. Can you give each activity a go?

Explore tales from the depths of the ocean in the new exhibition, ‘Monsters of the Deep

Take a deep breath and plunge down to the dark murky depths of the ocean and discover the monsters that lurk beneath. Are there krakens with tentacles two miles long and giant sharks as big as skyscrapers? You decide…

Wander through Tape

One of the biggest events curated by the A+E Lab. Internationally renowned architect collective Numen/For Use have produced an incredible ‘Tape‘ installation in our 3 Slip gallery. Step inside and get lost in an otherworldly installation.

Count the cannons

From a cannon hidden in a tree, to another displayed next to HM Submarine OCELOT and more in our interactive Hears of Oak gallery, how many cannons can you spot on your visit?

Learn the ropes

In our Ropery Gallery you can try knot tying and learn the different types of knots that sailors and seafarers use daily. Explore the full history of Ropemaking by booking onto the Ropery Tour when you arrive.

Watch the Master Ropemakers at work during the week (Monday – Fridays) with their live demonstrations or be transported back in time during our 30-minute Ropery Experience.

Ring the ship’s bell on HMS CAVALIER

Step aboard the CA-Class Destroyer, HMS CAVALIER, and sound the bell which echoes across the Dockyard.

Today, along with the National Destroyer Memorial, CAVALIER commemorates the 11,000 lives and 142 Royal Navy Destroyers lost during the Second World War.

Treat yourself 

We have 2 food outlets: The Wagon Stop Canteen and The Mess Deck. Both of which have a brand new menu for 2023. From pizzas, panni’s, Fish & Chips, Sausage & Mash, to homemade cakes and delicious coffee. Feeling peckish yet? It would be rude not to try.

Marvel at the iconic Mezzanine Floor of No.3 Slip

No.3 Slip at The Historic Dockyard Chatham

Built in 1838, the immense No. 3 Covered Slip was, when built, the largest wide span timber structure in Europe. The mezzanine floor allows you to get up close and personal with the eye catching timber structure designed by shipwright Sir Robert Seppings.

Take a break and walk through the Commissioner’s House Gardens

There is a lot to pack in to a single day out at the Dockyard, so why not take some time to relax in the tranquil Commissioner’s House Gardens?

A tucked away space steeped in history.

Examine the workers marks on Namur’s Timbers

A unique assemblage of ship’s timbers discovered in 1995. The NAMUR, built at Chatham in 1750-1756, was in active service for 47-years. You can uncover more about her construction by getting up close to the insightful workers marks across the historic timbers.

What markings can you see?

Take a selfie in your favourite space.

Selfie onboard HM Submarine Ocelot

Share your selfies of your favourite space at the Dockyard with us on Instagram and don’t forget to tag us! We would love to hear what makes that particular part of the Dockyard special to you.

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