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Our strategy is to embrace an ethos of excellence and is designed to move us towards delivering our long-term vision.  We identify five corporate goals that underpin the strategy and are delivered through our operating plans.

The strategy balances the preservation of our iconic buildings, ships, collections and heritage assets with the resources that they provide and the ambition to further develop our learning reach using an approach that is both physical and digital.  Excellent governance and leadership are at the heart of all of this and the continued relationship with our key stakeholders will support delivery against these objectives.  Underpinning this strategy is a commitment to continuous improvement, recognising that the investment in our people and encouraging an entrepreneurial approach will be the key to delivering success.  Quite simply, our excellent team will always strive to achieve at a higher level in the future than anything that has gone before.

Strategic Goals

Our five overarching strategic goals are:


Preservation of the most complete dockyard of the age of sail to maintain a financially sustainable baseline through balanced and appropriate re-use.

Development of our Learning Reach

Invest in the development of our learning reach by creating excellent, engaging, informative and enjoyable experiences that are relevant to wide ranging audiences and aligned to our charitable objectives.

Relationships with Stakeholders

Further strengthen our relationships with stakeholders and funders that align with our long-term vision.

Investment in People and Wellbeing

Investment in People and Wellbeing – the success of any organisation is through the development of its people and their overall wellbeing, whether they are staff, volunteers or those who engage with our work.

Develop Excellence

Develop excellence – our ethos throughout our lifecycle as an organisation has been one of entrepreneurship and developing a culture of investment – rather than “spending” – to create an environment of excellence for all users.

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) – Notice to Visitors

As with the rest of the world, Chatham Historic Dockyard Trust is closely monitoring the situation around the global pandemic of COVID-19.

It is with sadness that following UK Government guidelines we have closed our visitor attraction to the public until further notice.

This closure also extends to Call the Midwife Official Location Tours.

Whilst outside of our control, we apologise for any inconvenience caused during this difficult time and would like to thank all our visitors for their understanding during this challenging period.

We are taking forward orders and enquiries for business ‘post lockdown’ – Master Ropemakers Ltd, film & TV productions, Call the Midwife tours, group travel, weddings, corporate hospitality and conferences.

Last updated: 28 May 2020