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Develop Excellence

Our ethos throughout our lifecycle as an organisation has been one of entrepreneurship and developing a culture of investment – not spending – to create an environment of excellence for all users.

An ethos of excellence underpins everything we do and has an impact on all the goals outlined above.  We have always been an entrepreneurial organisation and developing excellence is the key to unlocking income and creative development across a number of areas.  Excellence in governance is embedded into everything we do and our culture of excellent management and opportunity spotting is the basis for all future development. 

We will meet this goal through:

  1.  Growing excellence in all areas across the charity including service, welcome, maintenance and trading activities supporting the Trust
  2. Continuing to generate an ethos of entrepreneurship and independence through a programme of 1,000 small improvements that collectively make a big impact.
  3. Developing excellence in Governance, Management and opportunity spotting
  4. Ensuring investment and use of our site considers wider environmental impacts and the biodiversity of the site with improvements in all areas being a primary focus.
  5. Ensuring a commitment to diversity in all areas of operations and to the local community as a significant local heritage asset.


In meeting our develop excellence goal, we have set the following objectives:

  •  Maintain an entrepreneurial culture that creates and develops a broad range of opportunities that go beyond the financial into all areas of our operation.
  • Support excellence in best service as this will lead to the best financial return – whilst always respecting the balance of users across the site.
  • Develop an Environmental Impact Strategy, linked to wider global strategies, that recognises the need to increase bio-diversity across our industrial site and focussing on the environmental impact of our work and the sustainable re-use of building as positive action to recycling embedded carbon. This strategy will also demonstrate the importance of the re-use of our historic buildings, unlocking the embedded carbon within.  We will complete this strategy by December 2020.
  • Create excellence in all our trading activities, including:
  • Continue to support the commercial sales of Ropery production, ensuring its manufacturing role remains as a key part of the visitor attraction whilst also providing excellent service to its trade customers
  • Review the trading operations (including Catering, Retail and Hospitality) by April 2021 to realise potential growth areas and implement a business plan for trading from 2021 onwards that increases significant financial return from trading operations by 2025 including:
    • Increasing spend per head in retail functions by 10%.
    • Increasing spend per head in catering functions by 10%.
    • Developing a strategy for increasing Hospitality sales representing an increase of 15% growth over 5 years.
  • Increase returns from other third party uses of our site, including filming and facility hire – always ensuring there is no adverse impact on our other users across the site.
  • Develop a programme of “1,000 small improvements that collectively make a big impact” which engage all staff and volunteers across the organisation in making small but meaningful developments that have a great impact.  We will have completed 500 of these by December 2022.