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Investment in People and Wellbeing

The success of any organisation is through the development of people and their overall wellbeing, whether they are staff, volunteers or those that engage with our work.

The Trust aspires to being a benchmark for well-being in terms of awareness and support for both Physical and Mental Health.  Our ethos is to promote an entrepreurial organisational culture with continued investment in talent management whilst always recognising the amount of time required to invest properly in people.

People have always been at the heart of the Dockyard and the local community has supported this special place for many generations.  We are extremely fortunate today to continue to have an excellent workforce, made up of staff and volunteers.  We will continue to be an open and welcoming organisation to people from all backgrounds and invest in our people to benefit our organisation.

We will meet this goal through:

  1. Placing well-being at the centre of all public initiatives.
  2. Investing in and developing our talent management and leadership development for our staff, focussing on succession, continuity and enabling career paths within our organisation.
  3. Maintaining our unrivalled record of staff retention and development as a benchmark within the sector, investing in our team’s training, development and well-being with a renewed focus on business continuity, succession planning and retention.
  4. Growing and developing our volunteer support base, providing meaningful opportunities for career development and the wider well-being benefits offered by volunteering through investment in excellent volunteer management to ensure full engagement across the organisation.
  5. Further developing well-being initiatives to ensure the mental and physical health of our staff and volunteers is enhanced – leading to a healthier and happier workforce.
  6. Further enhancing our approach to Safeguarding – building on substantial work already undertaken, we will ensure that all users and our own staff are surrounded in an inclusive and supportive environment.
  7. Increasing the diversity (across all characteristics) of our workforce.
  8. Using the staff appraisal process, invest in all staff and volunteers to ensure our team can provide excellence in customer care and service regardless of the role they play within the organisation.
  9. Creating an ethos of supporting those with talent and ambition to thrive and flourish to corporate and personal benefit.


In meeting our investment in people and wellbeing goal, we are committed to ensuring that Chatham Historic Dockyard Trust remains a 21st Century organisation that values its committed staff and volunteer teams. That encourages them to exceed expectations across all areas of the organisation, leading to greater returns in both charitable benefit and financial success.  With this is mind, we have set the following objectives:

  • Undertake an annual staff/volunteer satisfaction survey that will measure the engagement and well-being of our teams.
  • In 2021 – engage with an external team to review and benchmark the levels of engagement and satisfaction of our staff and volunteer teams.