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Preservation of the most complete dockyard of the age of sail to maintain a financially sustainable baseline through balanced and appropriate re-use.

The ongoing and sustainable preservation of the 80 acre Historic Dockyard site and it’s 47 Scheduled Ancient Monuments and Listed Buildings is a core charitable purpose and the key to unlocking all our objectives.

We will meet this goal through:

  1. Excellent management and delivery of services to the residential estate with improved communications and further development of the Residents’ Committee leading to increased satisfaction levels.
  2. Excellence in commercial property facilities management – increasing yields on properties where appropriate.
  3. Increased investment in planned preventative maintenance to levels that lead to continuous improvements across the estate.
  4. Curation of use and investment in key strategic buildings to align Chatham Historic Dockyard Trust with key stakeholders and tenant needs to ensure maximum benefit is achieved – both financial and charitable.
  5. Considering all future uses of all our heritage assets to align with our strategic objectives and those of our stakeholders.


In meeting our Preservation goal, we have set the following objectives:

  • Maintain and grow the use of the estate’s heritage assets to generate diverse income streams ensuring that new uses do not adversely affect the harmonious balance.
  • Review commercial property portfolio and benchmark yields generated from each building to ensure that the returns from assets are being maximised (Target completion date – August 2020).
  • Develop an Environmental Impact Strategy that recognises the need to increase bio-diversity across our industrial site and focussing on the environmental impact of our work and the sustainable re-use of building as positive action to recycling embedded carbon (Target completion date – December 2020).
  • Develop a detailed strategy to secure the restoration and future economic use of the Number 1 Work Base complex (Grade II*), currently one of the less well maintained and used assets (Target completion date for feasibility – June 2021).
  • As income grows, increase the amount and proportion of expenditure devoted to the planned and preventative maintenance of our buildings, environment, ships and galleries.
  • Develop a detailed feasibility study to bring the Lead and Paint Mill, Lower Boat House and the South-End of the Fitted Rigging House into a full sustainable use whilst maintaining the delicate balance of uses across the site (Target completion date for feasibility – March 2023).