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Relationships with Stakeholders

Further strengthen our relationships with stakeholders and funders that align with our long-term vision.

A charity’s reputation is its most important asset and Chatham Historic Dockyard Trust has worked hard to build excellent, mutually beneficial relationships.  Our success as a charity depends on a number of external factors and engagement with key stakeholders is the key to unlocking our future potential.

We will meet this goal through:

  1.  Strengthening relationships that are beneficial to Trust purposes and add value to all stakeholders.
  2. Actively engaging with our Local Authority (Medway Council) on the delivery of their Placemaking Strategy and in meeting aspirations around cultural and creative development.
  3. Aligning with regional strategic authorities (including Kent County Council, SELEP and Governmental Departments) to maximise opportunities that arise through the Lower Thames Crossing and other initiatives across Kent and the South East.
  4. Investing in our permanent campaigns to raise capital and revenue funding to deliver our objectives.
  5. Becoming a leader in excellence for heritage preservation and museum services across the South East through the development of our relationship with Historic England and Arts Council England as a National Portfolio Organisation.
  6. Building on our excellent relationship, work closely with the University of Kent to ensure our strategy aligns with their ambitions for continued growth of the Medway Campus and the development of Creative Hubs in Medway.


In meeting our relationships with stakeholders goal, we have set the following objectives:

  • Continue to build our reputation as a leading preservation and education charity.
  • Engage with Medway Council, in a leadership support capacity, in the development and delivery of their Placemaking Strategy, specifically:
    • The bid for Medway City of Culture 2025
    • Raising the national profile of Medway as a place
    • The connection with other heritage attractions within the Medway Towns
    • The creation of an emerging creative industries hub within Medway
  • Work alongside the University of Kent, as the Historic Dockyard’s largest tenant, to:
    • Support their vision of creating an excellent student experience for all those studying at the Historic Dockyard.
    • Secure an appropriate use for the “Interface Land” (adjoining the Historic Dockyard site) through the development of the “Docking Station”, a creative hub that develops a tangible link between the main University of Kent campus and the Historic Dockyard
    • Develop alternative catering offers for students as part of the development of No.1 Workbase.
    • Develop further opportunities for funding with Arts Council England and engage closely to ensure maximum outcomes for both the University of Kent and the Historic Dockyard.
  • Build long-term relationships with strategic funders who can share in our vision and support our goals for development.
  • Support ongoing investment in a strong and structured communications strategy that engages with wide-ranging audiences, increasing annual visitor numbers to over 225,000 per annum by 2025, representing a year on year increase of 10% in both new and returning visitors.