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Kent & Medway Museum NPO

A consortium of four museums funded by Arts Council England as a National Portfolio Organisation (NPO)

National portfolio organisation

Kent & Medway Museum Partnership

The Kent Medway Museum Partnership (KMMP) National Portfolio Organisation (NPO) is a consortium of four museums – The Historic Dockyard Chatham, Canterbury Museums & Galleries – The Beaney, Guildhall Museum Rochester and Tunbridge Wells Museum & Art Gallery – The Amelia – funded by Arts Council England (ACE) as a National Portfolio Organisation to work together to deliver outstanding cultural programmes and activities to their visitors and communities.

Each of the partner museums holds significant collections and lead on different areas of activity, building upon their separate strengths and experience in programme delivery. These activities focus on the use of collections for learning and inspiring creativity, wellbeing through engagement with collections and diversifying audiences by creating exceptional visitor experience. 

Museum Partners

Working together, the four partners wish to build further capacity around core strengths – develop new individual strengths through sharing that knowledge and experience between the partners and work more effectively to support the wider Kent Medway Museum Partnership to deliver excellence to existing and new audiences, including children and young people across Kent and Medway.